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Welcome to our Club Traditions.

Discipline - The Boys & Girls Club of Bay Mills/Brimley provides a proactive environment for members in which club members are made aware of expectations for behavior through verbal discussion and posted “Club Traditions”. 

The Club Traditions read as follows:

  • Treat all members and staff with respect.
  • Eat and drink in designated areas only.
  • Run in the gym only.
  • Use indoor voices and appropriate language.
  • Always sign in and out.
  • Treat the furniture, games, electronics and supplies with respect.
  • Clean up your messes.
  • If you’re not sure, ask!
  • Have fun.


The following are consequences for inappropriate behavior. The Club uses a weekly point system to discourage inappropriate behavior. Points will be assigned to individuals displaying unacceptable behavior. Individuals accumulating 5 or more points within a week will lead to a suspension that will be discussed with their parents and themselves. Repetitive suspensions may lead to membership suspension or loss of membership may be considered.  At the beginning of each week, points will be cleared.
Listed below are unacceptable behaviors with assigned point values:
  • Inappropriate language
  • Name calling
  • Verbal Humiliation of Anyone
  • Disrespectful behavior towards staff & peers
  • Failure to listen and refusal to listen
  • Failure to clean up after yourself
  • 3 points
    1 point
    1 point
    1 point
    1 point
    1 point

    Suspension - Immediate membership suspension may be considered without 5 points for the following:
    • Smoking or any type of tobacco products on club premises or field trip activities
    • Use of alcohol or illegal substances on club premises or field trip activities.
    • Possessions of contraband (i.e. handcuffs, knives, razor blades, cigarette lighters or any item that has an intended use as a weapon)
    • Physical violence or any threats of physical violence to other club members or club staff
    • Sexual harassment
    • Theft (Club members are responsible for the safety of their own personal property and the Boys & Girls Club of Bay Mills/Brimley cannot be held liable)
    • Extreme verbal abuse of other club members or staff
     The staff of the Boys & Girls Club of Bay Mills/Brimley will determine the amount of time a member is suspended based on the severity of inappropriate behavior. If a member attends the club while on suspension, they will be sent home.
    If a club member is suspended, they are not allowed to attend or participate in special event activities or field trips.

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